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Why Do Chauffeurs Wear Gloves?

One thing we can notice about the chauffeur uniform is the pair of gloves they always wear while on duty. These gloves are not just there to complement the stylish and polished look of chauffeurs, they also serve specific purposes. Let’s look into the reasons behind this classic trend and explore the practical benefits that come with chauffeurs donning gloves.

5 Reasons Why Chauffeurs Wear Gloves

a. Better Grip: Since chauffeurs are usually on the steering wheel, there is a need for them to have a better and more controlled grip when driving. Failure of such may result in losing control of the steering wheel which can cause preventable accidents. Chauffeurs are also expected to handle luggage for the passengers and upon handling the luggage, they also need to grip firmly and handle it with care hence the need for the gloves.

b. Maintain The Condition of the Steering Wheel: Another key reason chauffeurs choose to wear gloves is to preserve the condition of the steering wheel. The constant contact between hands and the steering wheel can cause wear and tear over time and no one wants that on a high-class vehicle like Rolls Royce and the like. Gloves act as a protective barrier, preventing oils, dirt, and natural hand oils from directly coming into contact with the steering wheel's surface. This not only keeps the steering wheel in pristine condition but also contributes to a more comfortable driving experience.

c. Preventing The Hands from Burning in the Summer: Imagine gripping a scorching hot metal steering wheel in the peak of summer. Chauffeurs are usually exposed to the elements for long periods of time, and gloves offer a solution to this challenge. They provide an additional and required cushioning layer between the hands and the hot surface, preventing discomfort and potential burns. This simple yet effective measure gives the chauffeurs focus on the road without the distraction of discomfort.

d. Eliminating Hand Fatigue: Driving for a long time can cause hand fatigue simply because of the constant pressure and vibrations from the steering wheel. Chauffeurs do not just wear gloves for style but also for the advantage of reducing hand fatigue. The gloves act as a form of support for the hands, offering better control and reducing the impact of vibrations. This additional cushioning enhances comfort, allowing chauffeurs to maintain optimal performance throughout long journeys.

e. A Stylish Addition: Beyond the practical benefits, we can not forget the style factor. Chauffeurs always deliver elegance and professionalism, and the addition of gloves to their attire adds a touch of style. It's an age-old tradition that brings out an aura of glamour and coolness. The carefully chosen gloves complement the overall uniform, contributing to the polished and refined image associated with chauffeured services.


The practice of chauffeurs wearing gloves is not just about mere aesthetics; it is also a practical choice rooted in functionality and tradition. From maintaining the condition of the steering wheel to preventing hand fatigue and adding a layer of style, gloves play a crucial role in the chauffeur's toolkit.

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